About Us

Art has always been close to God and man.
God the wizard instilled in man the desire to create and express thoughts and feelings.
art will be close to your hearts and souls.

In the Betesda Art Gallery you can
see works of art, buy, rent,
order individual works of Artists,
come to an exhibition or event.
We deal with the promotion of Artists.

We invite artists to exhibit their works
and submit them to the address

We also offer services
for Churches and Christians.

In addition to the Art Gallery,
we run the Betesda Foundation,
which, among other things,
provides an evangelistic bank of art
movie, poetry, photography,  etc.
and organizes charity events.

Below is a story about how the
idea was shaped, and who helped
us in the preparations.

We hope that this art will
be close to your hearts and souls.

The Beginning


Anna Jachimczyk has always dreamed of creating art,
to bring good news to the world and help people. That’s how the idea was born creating a God-worshiping art and informing about His works, encouraging reflection.


Mateusz Jachimczyk and Martyna Zybała, lawyers, were involved in the implementation of the plans.


Meetings in DomKulturyWilson with the artist’s coach
Michael Lehr-Kowalski helped her to refine initial vision.
This is how the plans for founding the Foundation
were born.

Since 2015, Father Mirosław Nowak
has been spiritually supporting the activities
of Betesda. The meeting resulted in cooperation
with the Museum of the Archdiocese of Warsaw.
A strategic plan was created for the Museum
of the Archdiocese of Warsaw.


Adam – theologian, art historian, filmmaker, project manager – is involved in the development of the plan. First surveys concerning Christian art are carried out. Przemysław Musiński joins the preparation of the questionnaires. The first website is created under the name invented by William Stanowski: www.salvationart.pl

Martna, Adam and Ania, together with a group of Artists, are going to Georgia, to the Camillians Center in Tbilisi and painting a mural for the arrival of Pope Francis.
They receive medals in gratitude from
the Pope and the Camillians.


Wojciech Majda, director and screenwriter joins the team. The first concepts of activities and the exhibition of Christian art by Betesda are created. Christian Bubnicki is also involved in the promotion of Christian art and the first meetings and conversations with artists. Work begins on the Evangelization bank. www.salvationart.pl/betesda



Travels to the USA and California resulted in a meeting with Fr. Emil Robu in Monterey and Mieczysław Rudek in New York. That’s how we started preparations for the first international art exhibition in Monterey, we also announced a competition for the best painting, film, dance about art on the theme of the Book of Genesis. Michael de Grado helped us choose the name of the site dedicated to the art exhibition in Monterey: www.betesdaart.com



Artists they are starting to prepare art for the
international art exhibition in Monterey.
Marcin Ratajczyk performs translations for the exhibition

Peter Kochansky, a filmmaker, theologian and musician who is involve in film service for the Churches prepared a music concert 7 Days.

Anna Jachimczyk and Antoni Kopera prepared a collection of paintings about the creation of the world.


The first international art exhibition on The question is why is about the creation of a world in which the artists took part: Amy Treadwell Toy / Adam Szustak / Aicardo Mosquera / Anthony Kopera / David Ludkiewicz / Edyta Losiewicz / Irena Willard / Jim Tetlow / Jonathan Lowe / Jordan Biel / Julita Junika Krasnoborska / Kate Jachimczyk / Larysa Jaromska / Langusta on the palm tree / Lubosław Piriankov / Maja Borowicz / Małgorzata Makowska / Marek Jaromski and Friend / Marta Zarębska / Matthew Golon / Paul Wilkowski / Piotr Kochansky / Piotr Zarębski / Through the Bible / Ventzislav Piriankov / Will Pettee & Karen Pettee (WJP Studios) / Malgorzata Makowska / Project Genesis – Artist from BIZZARE.

The preparations included: Caroline DePalatis, Ewelina Kopera, Michael Kopera, Amy, Cheryl, Chloe Hsun Lin, Francisco Medrano, Beata Obydzinski, Linda A. Brown-Sanchez, and Cheryl Lim Batalla.

At the exhibition they advised: Galerie Roi Doré, Sławek Górecki, Ben, Steve Houk, Alice Armstrong, ASL.

The exhibition was sponsored by Władysław and Zofia Jachimczyk.


The first Betesda online auction was organized.
The founding act of the Betesda Foundation was signed.
Martyna Zybała, Mateusz Jachimczyk and Jakub Skręta
were in charge of the legal aspect of Foundation’s statute.
The first activities of the Foundation were financed by Bronisława Krzynówek.


Anna Jachimczyk, Martyna Zybała and Piotr Sadowski together with the Warsaw Community of Vera Icon Artists, we started preparations for the design of events, exhibitions, lectures, workshops and retreats by Anima MEA.
The preparations began with a lecture by Father Wojciech Czwichocki on the human soul.



Anna Jachimczyk