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In our collection you can see artworks of the invited Artists, as well as those who took part in the competition. Professionals and amateurs. Christians, Jews, Muslims, Buddhists, Atheists etc, all Artists who inspire the theme and the Book of Genesis, Holy Bible, Holy Spirit, christian value.

Brothers and Sisters

Collections of artworks are collected and inserted in a thematic way. They are artworks of well-known artist and also just beginning artist with their adventure with art. Artists from different countries. On the betesdaart.pl website we present you visual art, information about exhibitions, events, and articles about Polish and international Christian Art. Works of Art can be bought, rented or auctioned at art auctions online.

Betesda rents exhibits and entire collections which can be borrowed to museums, galleries and other institutions, churches, for private purposes, consistent with gallery values or evangelization. The availability of exhibits must be confirmed each time. The landlord pays for renting and transport. Churches do not pay for rent and are responsible for security exhibits. Advertising materials are passed along with the exhibition. We encourage you to organize evangelistic exhibitions from the collection of our artists. Contact us to determine the details: office@betesdaart.com


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Art about Genesis, part 1 and 2. International Exhibition of Contemporary Art in Monterey, California, USA. On the reproduction is painting by Marek Jaromski.

How looks your soul? Art inspired by Christian philosophy and religion on the subject of the soul by Ann Kate.

A collection of posters telling the story of Saints, God’s people. Illustration made by polish Artist Ann Kate.

Art about Holy Spirit Gifts. The Best Gifts from God. Collection made by international Artists.

Jesus is Risen. The next collection will concern the Resurrection of Jesus Christ. Our faith would be vain if Christ had not been resurrected.

Story about Jesus Christ. Artwork and painting made by many diffrent Artists from all the world.

Saint Angels in our lives. A collection of art about our perfect, invisible companions of everyday in life.

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