ARTIST Jonathan Lowe

To be an artist is to be open minded. There are several who are gifted in artistic techniques like painting, drawing, sculpting, but that that doesn’t necessarily make them a true artist.

Artist is an oil painter from Elk Grove.
He studied illustration at the Academy
of Arts in San Francisco. His works can be found
in galleries in Sacramento.

About himself he is writing:

A true artist pushes the enevelop, flirts with societies walls, and questions eerything even his existence. An artist’s goal is to go to places where many fear to go. Its to either comfort the disturbed or disturbed the comforted. The artist will definitely find himself despised or even hated, but that’s part of the game.

​If everyone is staring at the apple tree, perhaps the artist will point to the oranges and the others will flock or to see what he was pondering about. instead of my way or the highway, the artist embraces everything around him. I believe everyone should behave or at least think like an artist. To create things instead of destroying things. Everyone should follow principles insted of individuals.

The work of Jonathan Lowe explores the human anatomy taking influences of other artists to achieve realism and his own style.

The painting tells the story of the creation of the world by God and the life of Eve in Paradise.

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