Larysa Jaromska

FAMOUS ARTISTLarysa Jaromska

The art of Larysa Jaromska enters the space of the imagination, it is light, delicate, diverse.

Graduaded from Academy of Fine Art in Warsaw. Painter, graphic designer, art director. Participated in group exhibition – Poland, Sweden, Lithuania, Syria, Egypt, Italy, Greece.

Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw in the studio of prof. H. Chrostowska, annex from painting by Professor T. Pągowska. Graduated with honors. MKiS scholarship. Artistic director of the right-wing daily “Nowy Świat” and designer and drawer of “Gazeta Polska”. From 2010 it belongs to ZPAP. Fields of interest: oil painting, watercolors, drawings, graphic designs. He writes texts about art. Works in the collections of, among others, the National Library, MHRL, Polish Community, UNESCO, in private collections in the country and abroad.


Poland, Biallorusia, Egypt- Syria, Lithuania, Greece, France, Italy, USA NY EXPO 2017, Swiss Basel Fair 2017, Monterey, CA, USA, Roma Expo 2018.

Genesis, the beauty of the earth in the course of God’s creation.

Genesis. How God created a human.

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