Marek Jaromski


Marek Jaromski is inspired by the Christian tradition. He is known for his love for angels and angelology. He experiments with the graphic matrix and the substrate, creates in his own technique the earth scene. He sometimes includes poetry and music at shows of his works.

He  born 19 June 1953 in Kutno. Marek is a Polish famous graphic Artist. He  creates works from the borderline of graphics, drawing, painting and sculpture. Reflected on the paper produced by him, the graphics compose  the installation.

He studied at the Warsaw Academy of Fine Arts, at the Woodcut Techniques Laboratory under the supervision of prof. Halina Chrostowska; annex from painting with prof. Eugeniusz Markowski. He received a diploma with honors in 1980. For a short time he was an assistant at his home university. Since 1976, he has been associated with the work of the Warsztat group, co-founded by Andrzej Kalina and Andrzej Dworakowski.

– Drawings and watercolor paintings – Fine Art –
Ostroleka Gallery of Art / 1993
– School yesterday, today, tomorrow – Fine Art – Ostroleka / 1995
– Hunter – Graphic, dry needle – Ostroleka / 1996
– Biennale – paintings and drawings – Warsaw 1997
– Paintings – outdoor exhibition – Solina 1998
– Paintings and drawings – post-construction exhibition – Warsaw 1998
– Paintings and drawings – post-construction exhibition – Warsaw 1999
– Paintings and drawings – post-construction exhibition – Warsaw 2000
– Podlasie – diploma exhibition – poster, design,
environmental design,  photography and painting – Warsaw 2001
– Intentional-Sentimental Collection – exhibition – Ostrołęka 2002
– Seasons – an exhibition of painting,
photography and drawing – Warsaw 2003
– Seasons – an exhibition of painting and drawing – Warsaw 2003
– Man in black and white – exhibition of photography – Warsaw 2003
– Artistic calendar – diploma exhibition – Krakow 2005
– Posters and covers for Jim Jarmush’s albums – diploma exhibition
of poster and design – Krakow 2007
– Niezłomni Poster – collective exhibition – Sztuka Teraz
– National Museum Krakow 2016
– International Exhibition of Contemporary Art – Monterey, California 2018



1980 – Gallery 37,2, Radom
1981 – Galerie Europa, Schloß Oberhausen, Heidelberg;
Galleries Luther, Duisburg
1983 – Kontrasty (Stażewski, Jaromski), Galerie L.K., Verrelbusch
1984 – Graffiti Galleries, Oslo; Gallery Zapiecek, Warsaw
1985 – Galerie L.H., Stockholm
1986 – Blues for an angel, Studio Gallery, Warsaw
1987 – Renitenz-Theater, Stuttgart; Black Gallery, Kraków;
Galerie Schulte, Murnau
1988 – Galeria Pryzmat, Kraków; Gallery
of Dzieduszycki and Sosnowski, Warsaw; BWA,
Łódź; Galeria Ars Polona, ​​Düsseldorf
1989 – Pomeranian Dukes’ Castle, South Gallery, Szczecin; BWA, Słupsk;
U Gallery, Warsaw; Evangelische Akademie Loccum, Rehburg-Loccum;
Gallery L.H., Stockholm
1991 – Galeria Krytyków Show, Warsaw; Blood and water,
Krzysztofory Gallery, Krakow
1992 – Days of Polish Culture; Gallery Fridemann-Gusterlom
(Germany); Galerie Fabriken-Gotenborg;
1993 – Credo, Abakus Gallery, Warsaw
1996 – Tree of Life, Museum of the Lubusz Land, Zielona Góra; Burning Shrubs, Muzeum im. Father Krystyna Kluka-Ciechanowiec
1997 – As in heaven and on earth, Galeria Dyptyk, Toruń; Come – book
for Elżbieta Dzikowska, Galeria Pokaz, Warsaw; Municipal Art Gallery, Ecstravagance, Sosnowiec;
1998 – As in Heaven and on Earth, Martin (Slovakia); Wieczernik,
Galeria Ars Longa, Milanówek; Wieczernik with the “Trebunie-Tutki” band, Zapiecek Gallery, Warsaw; Wieczernik (Presentation of the album “Raising” of the band “Trebunie-Tutki”), Concert Studio of Polish Radio named after Witold Lutosławski-Warsaw; Raising, Galeria Zapiecek, Warsaw;
1999 – Die Himmlische Münze, Galerie L.V.Verselbusch, Germany; Nowa Ziemia Nowe Niebo, Galeria Bayer, Warsaw;
2000 – Scene, Biuro Wystaw Artystycznych, Zamość; Blue Coin, PBK Bank, Warsaw; Blue Coin, Museum of the Lubusz Land-Zielona Góra; Polish Year (to the poems of Ernest Bryll), International Book Fair-Frankfurt;
2000/2001 – Blues for an angel, Meduna Gallery, Vienna;
2001 – Polish Year, Studio Gallery, Warsaw; Graphics, sculpture, drawing, Belotto Gallery, Warsaw; Blue coin, Engramme, Quebec;
2002 – Sky in the Mouth, Galeria Wystawa, Warsaw; Come to us with a clear voice (to the poems of Ernest Bryll), Galeria Sztuki Wozownia, Toruń;
2004 – Moje Podwórko, Iwaszkiewicz Museum, Stawiska near Warsaw
2006 – Galera Belotto, Warsaw
2008 – My village Ponikiew Duża, Fabryka Trzciny, Warsaw;
My village Ponikiew Duża, Mała Gallery in the Białystok
Cultural Center.


1980 – 1st prize, Best Graphic Art of the Year competition, Warsaw
1981 – award of the city of Baden-Baden, 2nd European Graphic Biennale 1981 – 2nd prize, Polish National Graphic Contest J.Gielniak, Jelenia Góra 1981 – Second prize, Zachęta Art Festival, Warsaw
1983 – 1st prize, Polish National Graphic Contest J.Gielniak, Jelenia Góra
1984 – Young Prize, Graphic Biennale, Berlin
1984 – funded prize, International Graphic Biennale, Krakow
1985 – Silver Gryffindor, Biennale of the Baltic States, Rostock
1985 – Coordinative Award, Biennale of Small Graphic Forms, Łódź
1985 – Faber-Castell award, International Drawing Triennial, Nuremberg
1986 – Grand Prix-Ex-Aequo, International Graphic Biennale, Krakow
1986 – The. St. Wyspiańskiego
1988 – Grand Prix, International Graphic Biennale, Krakow
1994 – Second Award, National Graphic Review, Lodz
1995 – Distinction, Quatriennial Linocut and Woodcut Polish, Olsztyn
1995 – Award of the Year of the Warsaw Voivode in the Warsaw Graphics competition
1997 – Special Award of the Toruń Voivode at the International Print Triennial in Krakow
1997 – The Most Interesting People of the Year, “Gazeta Polska” Award
1997 – Second Grand Prix, International Print Triennial, Chamalieres, France 2003 – Honorable Mention, International Graphic Competition J.Gielniak, Jelenia Góras
2018 – 1st prize, Best Painting International Exhibition of Art, Monterey, California, USA.

The cycle of the Resurrection of Christ.

A cross in the art of Marek Jaromski.

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