Artist, Designer, Teacher of Art.  In her artistic accomplishments she had the pleasure of working with the Art Group to paint the mural for the Pope’s greeting in Country of Georgia

She started her adventure with painting at the age of 7, when she became fascinated with the world of colors and put her first signs on the walls.

1981. Designer and Art. Director. He comes from Ostrołęka. She decided to become an artist when, at the age of seven, she received her first letraset as a gift from her uncle. She has been writing for a few weeks everything on everything when Mom did not confiscate her stencil. The first works were exhibited in Glerias and at exhibitions at the age of 12. She showed her first conceptual exhibition in the Ostrołęka Gallery at the age of 21, arousing curiosity in her hometown. She graduated from the Art High School in Warsaw and the AP in Krakow. He loves the painting of Hieronymus Bosch, the art of Pre-Raphaelites and artwork by Władysław Pluta. In the first one appreciates the timeless grasp of human nature and rich symbolism, as well as delightful minuteness. At Pluta he admires the minimalism of his posters and incredible readability of the content, often based only on typography. She searches for inspiration very widely, as she writes: “I am inspired by reality, everyday life, history, people around me and stories connected with them. But also the desire to show the truth, pay attention to important social, existential and religious problems, the desire to arouse reflection in the recipient.

Author text: Adam Buka

– Drawings and watercolor paintings – Fine Art –
Ostroleka Gallery of Art / 1993
– School yesterday, today, tomorrow – Fine Art – Ostroleka / 1995
– Hunter – Graphic, dry needle – Ostroleka / 1996
– Biennale – paintings and drawings – Warsaw 1997
– Paintings – outdoor exhibition – Solina 1998
– Paintings and drawings – post-construction exhibition – Warsaw 1998
– Paintings and drawings – post-construction exhibition – Warsaw 1999
– Paintings and drawings – post-construction exhibition – Warsaw 2000
– Podlasie – diploma exhibition – poster, design,
environmental design,  photography and painting – Warsaw 2001
– Intentional-Sentimental Collection – exhibition – Ostrołęka 2002
– Seasons – an exhibition of painting,
photography and drawing – Warsaw 2003
– Seasons – an exhibition of painting and drawing – Warsaw 2003
– Man in black and white – exhibition of photography – Warsaw 2003
– Artistic calendar – diploma exhibition – Krakow 2005
– Posters and covers for Jim Jarmush’s albums – diploma exhibition
of poster and design – Krakow 2007
– Niezłomni Poster – collective exhibition – Sztuka Teraz
– National Museum Krakow 2016
– International Exhibition of Contemporary Art – Monterey, California 2018

Her painting, drawing and design works can be found
in private collections in Poland and abroad.


  • The Arts Today
    Krakow, Poland. Laureate of the
    national competition in fine arts,
    “The Arts Today” / 2016
    designed with Synchro.lab Team / 2016
    Los Angeles, USA. Award Honorable mention
    for the portfolio photographic book
    of the year / 2015
  • Economic Publishing House
    Poland. “Pearl of the year”- award for artistic
    support of a promotional campaign, packaging
    design / 2009
  • Pedagogical University Of Art Education
    Krakow, Poland. Honorable mention Diploma / 2007
  • 2nd place – Hunter – Graphic, dry needle – Ostroleka / 1996
  • 1st place – Artistic Olympiad – Art History – Poland  /1995 -1996
  • 1st place – Fine Arts – School yesterday, today, tomorrow
    – Ostroleka / 1995
  • Award Honorable mention – Fine Arts – Life with nature – OTN, WFOŚ, Galeria Ostroleka / Ostroleka 1994
  • Award Honorable mention – Fine Arts – Our twenty years / Ostroleka 1994

Gold in sacred art has always been popular and associated with light. It is also one of  Ann Kate Jachimczyk’s favorite colors. According to the artist, the golden color is a reflection of perfection

The first and last breath unites us completely with God. When artist creates the “Breath” she wanted to show the creation of man, described in the Bible. How God breathed in the man, the dust of life created from the dust of the earth. How God created a human.

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