The story about Holy Angels will be coming soon. It will be a story about Saint Michael Archangel, Rafael, Gabriel and Guardian Angels. We also invite you to send to our editorial office your work on the Holy Angels described in the Bible.
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International Exhibition of Contemporary Art in California

The International Exhibition of Contemporary Art & Contest / 25th November 2017 / Monterey / California / USA. Contemporary Art combining various media, painting, photography, dance, film, happening, music, sculpture, etc. The Artists made the Art for the Glory of God. Why the reality exists? How the World began? Each of us is asking this question. Artists have prepared an Art […]
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Jesus Christ

Jesus, the God who died for us on the cross of love and rose from the dead. Always present in our life and heart, always close to us. Let’s create a collection of art that will tell about his life, death, resurrection, love and the Gospel. Send us a reproduction of works of art on and share your faith […]
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