The Master At Work – Love in Art

What was the first relationship like?
God created Humans in his own image.
He didn’t want the man and woman
to live without each other.

He created them from one matter, giving them His breath of life. Man and woman – they are one body, they were created to live in unity and harmony. Their relationship was blessed by God, like all world.

What were Adam and Eve? How was their relationship? They were happy! WHY

They were in communion with God. They have His breath of life. They were one body. They were free of suffering. They were immortals. They had a free will to strive for good. They were good, intelligent, lived in a lasting relationship and in harmony with nature, themselves and God.So in Genesis we can see the recipe for a happy, sacred marriage of respect, peace and love.

Without love, life would be empty, fortunately it is a beautiful gift from God. Artists in their paintings talk about love for God, love between a woman and a man, love for parents, children, animals, nature.

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